Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Territory

Today I realised that I am an idiot .. no really I am.

For several years now I have had a Wordpress blog up and running with (I thought) no issues and it was somewhere that I could share my poetry in a little space of my own. I always thought it a little sad that I never had any likes or interaction from my shares on my Google profile, yet I just ignored this dent to my ego and continued to enjoy the writing community I had found.

For I while I have been thinking about starting up a blogger page alongside my poetry blog and after last years A-Z Challenge I found a lot of bloggers (ironically yes) use Blogger and wanted to see how it all worked. So this morning I eventually got around to doing something about it and then I discovered that I have been an idiot.

After actually looking at my Google profile properly I found that all the posts I thought I had shared were in fact only shared with me ... and apparently even I didn't like them!

So, now here we are making a move into dabbling in Blogger, after a long while of just thinking about it. Also it turns out that the Wordpress site was connected up but for some unexplained reason just never shared, but after a good old disconnect/reconnect (technician style) from Wordpress then it seems to be working now so hoorah for that.

P.S If you happen to like poetry as well then my other blog is  Ginni Bites

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