Wednesday, 1 February 2017

All the other stuff

So what is going to go into this blog if not poetry?

Well all the other things that buzz around in my brain which can vary quite widely so hold on to your hats and enter with an open mind. I guess this is me finally taking stock of things and allowing myself more time to do the things that want to do and share the writing that otherwise just becomes an endless stream of words and rants. This was (I think) what Ginni Bites was going to be originally, but then I found it more useful as an outlet for poetry and nicer thoughts.

I could change things around, yet I don't like to have too much change in my life so I think I shall just work around what I already have and perhaps use this blog for some challenges and prompts, or, well just about anything other than poetry really.

I can even do things like this..

Just add random photos because I can, and return to them later for some inspiration. Wow this is actually quite liberating just writing the words that come into my brain rather than waiting to be in a poetic mood. I now dub this my inspiration blog and am going to allow myself to have some fun with it.

I'm suddenly looking forward to February.

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