Monday, 20 February 2017

A New Dawn

Well OK, it might not strictly be dawn but still, I'm feeling a little rejuvenated.

It may not be much to some but I have made a start on the Spring Cleaning and my Twitter feels a little more cleansed now. I should say that I'm sorry if I have removed your name and we have had some interaction previously. I figure that eventually I will get around to adding back anyone that I might have mistakingly taken away, whilst I'm catching up with some blog reading. - Or if you notice and know me then please feel free to shout 'Oiy' and I shall return you forthwith.

For the meantime though I am feeling a little refreshed.

When I began using social media a few years ago, I never really thought about having to organise it all and I'm quite happy to follow almost anyone that follows me, however it seems that my Twitter had become a breeding ground for adverts and constant self promotions. Don't get me wrong, I support self promotion and will happily share the word of good writing however sometimes I just want to actually read peoples words not just be shown the same advert every ten understand don't you?

So instead I have removed a few accounts from Twitter and tried to leave on people that follow me plus people I know I enjoy the tweets/blogs of. However I know I might have to apologise and retrieve some people as I think I was just enjoying the clicking towards the end *grins*

But for now I'm hoping to be able to rejoin the world of Twitter with a renewed interest and will continue to use it as a place to share some great reads I find on other peoples blog.

I shall be visiting you all soon ;)

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